Light Shining Through; Piano Improvisations

Inspired...Evocative tone poems on solo piano.

Review by Mike Heffley, PhD, Ethnomusicologist

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Suzanne Grosvenor’s music is like that of Erik Satie’s: simple, pellucid, and above all, evocative. Each is an unscripted improvisation inspired by a person who “sat” for her, like a model for a painter. That approach is one she’s cultivated to mastery over time...[It is improvisation] that belies ideological distinctions between the composed and the improvised.  

Tonic to soothe the stresses of the soul.

"I felt healing almost immediately."

Review by Lynette Lisell

I was going through a very stressful job situation. I put the CD into the player and before long my anxiety began to melt away, more and more.  I felt healing almost immediately after starting to listen.

I became aware of that place within myself, a quiet, safe place deep within me...I've listened to other music in my office, but this one really, really got me to where I needed to be...So much music recorded for meditation tends to be repetitive and monotonous but Light Shining Through is rich and colorful.  Even though the music is changeable and has a great deal of color and personality there is a sense of calm, peace and healing throughout.

To get centered, I listen to this

I have stacks of music -- some music soothes, a lot of music is uplifting -- but Suzanne’s music changes my spiritual heart. To get centered, I listen to this CD Light Shining Through.  When I’m having a tough day, I put the CD on and I feel much happier and God-centered.  Suzanne is blessed with a gift for healing through her music.

Review by Vicki K, Recovery Coach

Like Good Medicine without bad side effects

Every time I listen to 'Light Shining Through' the music balances me however I’m feeling at any given moment.  I feel supported just by having the CD playing.  It’s like good medicine without bad side effects.

Review by Jan Henrikson, freelance writer / author

The music is so incredibly beautiful, my love of music is restored.

I have loved fine music all of my life. In the past 15 years, I’ve had no interest in listening to music since suffering a debilitating illness. Hearing Suzanne’s CD ‘Light Shining Through’ changed this.  The music is so incredibly beautiful, I cannot believe it. It is uplifting, clear, unlike anything I’ve heard before. My love of music is restored.

-R. Hathaway

I find peace and healing, opened to impressions and visions.

The music carries me on waves of gentleness and then intensity...I find peace and healing and a sense of being lifted up and loved by God.  Suzanne’s music opens me to impressions and visions.  I enjoy listening over and over; it’s always fresh and powerful.

-Mert Ingvoldstad, Employment Counselor

Piano for the Soul

Suzanne’s music is amazing. It can lift your spirits and warm your heart.  The CD could provide a vehicle for prayer and contemplation or can be gorgeous dinner music to accompany great food and conversation.  

Review by Joyce S.        Full review at

Music that Speaks to Me

Skilled technique, beautiful expression, creative themes...I find something new each time that speaks to me.

Review by Angus M.        Full review at



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