Lantern in the Window;

Piano Reflections

A master of original composition

A sparkling collection of piano wizardry.  Induces a state of mind...a certain sparkle. Gentle, tender certainty.          

Eugene Magazine, Oregon

Speaks to the spirit and heart of mankind

     “What is essential in a work of art is that it should rise far above the realm of the personal life and speak from the spirit and the heart of the artist to the spirit and heart of mankind.  In this way the work of the artist comes to meet the spiritual need of the society in which he lives."

     The work of Suzanne Grosvenor meets this standard.

Transnational Perspectives, Geneve, Switzerland

Exceptionally fine

Lyrical and poetic with lots of warmth, an exceptionally fine piano LP.  Alternately reflective, vibrant and passionate with life.  A ten.

Sally Idassway, Sound Choice Magazine, USA

Close and friendly

A blend of classical structure and lyrical melody, close and friendly, with an occasional punch of rock 'n' roll or the feline sensuality of jazz.

     Suzanne shapes silence with a caress, letting single notes define the space.

                            Chuck Graham, Tucson Citizen

Evocative...unworldly...interesting harmonies and rhythmic twists

Unworldly, pristine rhythms and harmonies.Well- crafted, expressive melodies...Moving from wonder to tenderness to joy and back.

Mike Heffley, What’s Happening, Oregon

Exquisitely passionate and compassionate.

Brim full of melody. Deserves wide recognition.

                       Fortnightly College Radio Report

Rhode Island

I only wish I had listened to this one sooner.

Among current piano recordings ‘Lantern in the Window’ stands out as really having something to say melodically.  

Joseph Rowe, KOAP Radio,Portland, OR

A true composer.

This music is going to hold up for a long time.

Radio Host, Doug Daniels

Plainspoken. . . full of humor.

Stephen Davis, New Age Journal, USA

Full of warm, reflective sounds

Lantern in the Window is full of warm, reflective sounds that echo softly in the minds and hearts of its listeners.  These songs, some somber and even sad, others joyful and lilting, allow us to create our own movies as we listen.

Bebop Jake, Connections, Pacific Northwest Magazine


...Lighthearted...Offbeat...Haunting. Soothing.

         Cleve Twitchell, Mail Tribune, Oregon


Very progressive....borderline modern classical music.   Complex rhythms and diverse chord changes.

Arizona Daily Wildcat


In the midst of what most would call a successful musical career, Suzanne came to understand a feeling she'd had since childhood...In trying to tap into that inner source of musical expression, she began engaging in meditation and 'spending hours just playing'.   Her time paid off.  “Lantern in the Window” is an evocative record.

   Oregon Daily Emerald

The most requested album on the New Acoustic Music Program, met with overwhelming response.

Forrest Faubion, Radio Host

Nicely produced.

OP Independent Music Magazine, USA

Beautiful. I love it!

Radio Host, Tom Newman

Creates a perfect mood.  It’s on our hotlist.

Roger Smith, KMHD Radio, Portland

The lyrical melodies and pristine sound quality of this recording will enhance any activity for piano music lovers.  The composition and sound quality excel.

The Torch, Eugene, Oregon

*Mentions of the artist’s name Susan Kennedy

changed here to Suzanne Grosvenor, her name since 1990.

Album produced by Fred O. Knipe

Recorded at Westwood Studios, Tucson, Arizona

Music composed by Suzanne Grosvenor



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