Suzanne Grosvenor has a special ability to tap into the emotional heart of a project.  The unique emotional strength of her work should not be underestimated.   Her professionalism is only enhanced by her artistic integrity and her respect for, and ability to work with, the creative talent involved in any media project.

Richard Haskell, Independent Video Producer

Suzanne has a truly unique combination of skill and sensitivity for meeting the vision of film makers.  I highly recommend her work to anyone looking for music that rises above the canned sounds so common today.

Dick Castle, Media Coordinator

Suzanne is an outstanding musician with exceptional depth and creativity. Her music is filled with the Spirit and her sensitivity to her audience adds a special dimension to what she creates in response.

William F. Pilder, Ph.D.

Owner, Leadership Transitions Solutions

Suzanne is a musician's musician.  Talented and very experienced.  Suzanne quickly grasps the big picture of a project, and works on the details so that her music reflects that large vista just perfectly.

Fleetwood Bernstein, Pianist / Videographer



     •     Hot Bagels: The Hole Story  

           Documentary aired on Disney Channel.  

     •      First Place Americana, Birmingham Film Festival

     •      Second Place, Santa Cruz Video Festival

     •      Red Ribbon, American Film Festival


     •      Chips in Space - 1984 Vectrix computer graphics animation

           Collaboration with Fleetwood Bernstein.  

     •      Featured at  Pacific Northwest Computer Graphics Conference.

     •      Invited to Hiroshima Animation Festival

     •      Best of the Northwest, Bumbershoot Film Competition

     •      Restoring a Treasure: The Klamath Basin

           Documentary by Sarah Hall. Aired on PBS.

     •      Film Arts Foundation Festival honoree

     •      National Bald Eagle Conference honoree  

     •      Bronze Apple Award, National Educational Media

     •      New Moves I, II, III

        Educational documentary 4-part series directed by Richard Haskell.

     •      Silver Reel Award, International Television Association (ITVA)

     •      Media Festival Award , American Journal of Nursing

     •      Golden Spirit Award for Communication, Catholic Health Association, US

     •      First Place, Eugene Celebration Film and Video Festival

     •      New Moves, Part IV

     •      Golden Spirit Award for Communication, Catholic Health Association of the US

     •      Media Festival Award, American Journal of Nursing

     •      Have Peace with Yourself

          For Chamber Orchestra written at request of Vladimir Spivakov, conductor of

          Moscow Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra

     •      EWEB:  Energy Efficiency by Design - Techno  music

     •      Annual Spotlight Award, Public Relations Society of America

     •      Award of Excellence, Oregon Advertising Federation

     •      2nd Place, Eugene Film and Video Festival

     •      East of the Sun and West of the Moon - Drama for NPR radio

     •       The Song That Sings Itself  

              Musical theatre fantasy play by “Laughing Sky” Productions at WISTEC, Oregon

     •       Dancing on the Path - Theme music for radio program

     •       United - Custom Sound Portrait for a church congregation celebration.

     •       Flowers in Design - Cable TV program theme music.

     •       Living Will - Multi media soundtrack, Oregon Health Decisions

     •       Night Life - Vocational training video, Arizona State Government

     •       Public Service Announcement  -  Oregon

     •       Comedy Horror Theatre - Theme song

     •       An Early Morning Run - Southwest Images art film

Vintage computer animation with digital techno soundtrack

A video produced in 1984 on the Apple II with Vectrix graphics hardware, and the animations were produced by rendering and capturing the image frame-by-frame onto 16mm film.